Islam Exposed Celebrates It's 100,000-Membership Mark on Facebook!

"WE DID IT AND COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!!" reads the post that we pinned to our Facebook wall with the larger-than-life graphic featured above. 

Islam Exposed has reached our goal of 100,000 fans with a weekly reach of 2.5 million people, and we owe it mostly to you! To celebrate this momentous occasion and express our appreciation, we wanted to personally thank you and share a little about ourselves and our own motivations for exposing the truth about Islam at Islam Exposed. We invite you to share your inspiring stories too . . .

The picture was designed by our IL Administrator to acknowledge our fans, and we each shared a personal message with them.* While the following speaks for itself, our members' continued support and their grateful response to our post are what make our involvement at Islam Exposed all the more meaningful. They assure us we are genuinely making a difference. Visit our page on Facebook to read their ongoing feedback. 

In the order in which they were posted . . . 

New York Administrator

Born and raised in the outskirts of New York City (New York State is much larger than merely Manhattan), it would seem natural that 9/11—which shook up the world but generally affected New Yorkers most intimately and profoundly—would have been enough to shake me into reality and inspire my efforts to raise public awareness about the inherent dangers of Islam here at Islam Exposed and elsewhere.

To be perfectly honest, however, it's been a journey and a process, and there are so many factors that contributed to it, making it hard to pinpoint one single reason and cause. My shock over changing social attitudes and the decline in Western values, the rapidly changing political climate from one in which democratic values were cherished to one in which covert actions and tyrannical policies are not the anomaly but instead are the norm, my increasing political involvement and activism as a result of the former, and the stunning election of Barack Hussein Obama—a blatantly clear anti-Semitic/anti-America president with a bend towards aligning hostile Islamic regimes and maligning our friends—all played significant roles.

Another pivotal factor was my late return for a master’s degree in education, where “multicultural diversity” and “tolerance” were embellished and promoted in every graduate school course that I took to the point of ad nauseam but to the exclusion of tolerance for those with more traditional values like myself. No matter how immoral, controversial, and/or perverse a belief system may have seemed, we were encouraged to endorse a liberal, unbiased, and in fact inviting attitude and approach about it in our classrooms, imparting to students that just about anything goes.

All this was compounded by my discovery of the massive historical errors, revisions, and outright omissions I found to be a pervasive, integral aspect of every leading textbook that I had to read. For older, more seasoned students like me, they were glaring; for younger prospective teachers (and even for the professors themselves), they went completely unnoticed.

Most egregious of all, however, are the new and “innovative” teaching methods and practices we were taught to apply with our younger students. History is no longer based on a "Eurocentric" perspective but is taught “experientially”—subjectively in a vacuum based on students’ personal experiences rather than facts.

Yet, perhaps what resonates most poignantly for me—as I watched in horror and awe as history unraveled before my eyes—are my fears for my son’s future, which as a mother is one of the most compelling factors of all, and my Jewish identity and faith in the Bible as truth. As I became more involved in politics, I began connecting the dots and grew more painfully aware of the re-emerging pattern in history and the global rise in anti-Semitism once again. I was raised in a family of Shoah survivors, and the repercussions and scars reverberate from it for generations.

This made all the above even more frightful, led me in search of greater understanding and knowledge, and demanded my immediate action. Like so many others, I wasn't fully aware at the time of Islamic doctrine and teachings, nor of Islam’s deep-seated hatred against non-Muslims and particularly Jews—its long brutal history against them, its involvement in the Holocaust, the obligation of every Muslim to convert or kill every last one of us, and their continued incitement of Jewish and Western hatred.

While there were those who were instrumental in expanding my insight about Islam— such as Nonie Darwish, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Andrew Bostom, Dr. Morechai Kedar, and Professor Ruth Wisse, to name just a few—most of all I attribute it to the efforts of those like our fans at Islam Exposed. Our 100,000-membership mark is a testament to the relentless devotion and commitment to justice and truth of each and every one of you, your advocacy for basic human rights and freedoms for all of humanity, and your abilities to work collaboratively as a team to share our information and material with others to ensure that knowledge is power.

We at Islam Exposed could not have reached the 100,000-membership goal without you, our fans, and we are grateful to you beyond words. Thank you for your continued support.

With love, gratitude, and deep admiration . . . 

US Administrator

I’m Israeli born but now live in the USA, and I'm proud to be an American. I'm also the proud father of three and the son of Holocaust survivors, and I have suffered personal loss due to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Thanks so much for being a part of Islam Exposed! With your help we are reaching nations with the truth about Islam. Imagine the impact! Please continue to visit Islam Exposed. Share and help us spread the truth to the nations of the world! Information is the enemy of Islamic brutality. Spread it far and wide!

South African Administrator

Most of the world believes that the colonization of Africa began some 440 years ago by Europeans. The little understood reality is that the colonization of Africa actually began some 1,000 years before that when Mohammed's armies invaded and colonized North Africa.

And whilst the European experiment with colonization has ended, the Arab/Islamic colonization of Africa carries on in numerous areas like the Susan, Mali, Libya, Somalia, northern Kenya, etc., etc. . .

I hope that Islam Exposed has in some small way contributed to its readers being able to better understand how Islam has affected the world we all live in.

The former Muslim Administrator

I was born, raised, and educated in Egypt and lived as a devout Muslima for 27 years. I was a member of the Muslim Sisterhood chapter of Alexandria for seven years. My father and brother did not try to kill me because of honor (having love affair outside marriage or with a non-Muslim). It was because I told them openly I reject Islam and Mohammed. I not only had to escape Islam. I also had to escape my country and family. So if anyone understands Islam, it's me. As a result, I’m extremely determined to expose the evil of Islam and to tell my story to the world.

Thank you for liking the Islam Exposed page, and please share our posts to help expose the truth about Islam.

Los Angeles Administrator

About five years ago, after I joined Facebook, I liked a page called "Women of the World United Against Islamic/Muslim Sharia Law." At the time I didn't know much of anything about Islam, but it is through them that I developed an interest in investigating deeper. Over these last five years, I have been led by the hand, it seems, to uncover the truth about what Islam really is on all levels. I believe that human beings have an obligation to their fellow man to expose evil, expose deception, and bring awareness, especially of this dangerous threat to the world. That is what "Islam Exposed" is doing and has done, and I have been proud to be associated with it.

US Administrator 2

Dear fans,

It has been my honor to fight this just cause with you. When questions on the Qu'ran hit our page, they usually end up on my desk. As part of the team, my main responsibility is the study and dissection of the Qu'ran and Islamic writings. It is my Christian faith and eternal love for dogs that has been my guiding light in this black hole of darkness. I am honored to be a part of this page and the team that Islam Exposed is — fans and administrators coming together to save humanity.

Thank you!

Jerusalem Administrator

From Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people, I thank all of you for your hard work, good questions, and passionate participation. The defense of the planet is not just up to what we do but what YOU do. We are the words and you are the voice. We are all united as the "forces of good"—never forget and never surrender!

IL Administrator

I never REALLY understood why they do this.
Not as a little girl inside a gas mask during the Gulf War.
Not when losing a friend in a suicide bombing in 2002 during the Second Intifada.
Not during the countless times I had to run to a shelter in order to protect myself from missiles fired from Gaza.

I never REALLY understood why they are so aggressive towards us until four years ago, when I came across a summary of the Hadith.

When I first read it, I leaned back and thought to myself, "Ohhh…no wonder." I was truly amazed by the level of violence demonstrated in the text. Of course, I couldn't leave it there.

I continued my research, which was mostly based on Islamic sources. I began to realize more and more that it was not a religion but a dangerous political ideology with a clear mission of world domination. I was a liberal person then, and I am still a liberal person today. As one, it is my duty to stand in opposition to Islam. Sharia law, the essence of Islam, is the enemy of liberalism and, therefore, the enemy of everything that I believed in all my life: EQUALITY, FREEDOM, and JUSTICE for all.


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As we launch this new website, Islam Exposed Online, aptly marking our 100,000-membership mark, we hope to extend our reach to inform a far greater public and expose the truth about Islam as a "new" and reliable media source. With your continued hard work and support, we undoubtedly will succeed. Please help us share and promote it. 

*Please note that our messages were slightly revised from the original post for grammatical purposes only, but their content remains the same.

Update:  We have now surpassed the 125,000-membership mark, and our team has since been enriched and enlivened by four new administrators: our Black- American, Florida, Sikh, and UK & Asian administrators. All four were not yet administrators at the time of our 100,000-membership mark but have contributed their greetings and comments to you on our page, "In Our Own Words." Please check them out . . .