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Nicolai Sennels blogger

Nicolai Sennels,
 Danish psychologist, author, and expert on Islam, joins Islam Exposed in "Ask the Expert." 

Nicolai Sennels, a Danish-born psychologist and author, brings us unique insight into the psychological and behavioral distinctions between Western and Muslim cultures. As the sole psychologist at Sønderbro prison for youth in Denmark, Sennels first gained his expertise and notoriety with his groundbreaking therapeutic techniques for its mostly Muslim immigrant population. Seven out of ten of Denmark’s prison youth are from immigrant, predominantly Muslim backgrounds, prompting Sennels to later describe them as “criminal Muslims.”

Through his keen observations and insights, Sennels tailored a therapeutic program to address the specific differences and needs of a mostly Muslim immigrant prison population. By teaching the inmates anger management, tolerance, meditation, self-control, mindfulness, and a sense of individual responsibility for their actions, Sennels’ approach has better equipped them with tools for re-entry and integration into Western society. In 2008 Sønderbro was voted by all inmates across Denmark as the best prison facility in the country, which was primarily attributed to Sennels’ methods and program.

Yet, aside from his frequent contributions to Jihad Watch and his array of other published works, Sennels is probably best known for the controversy he stirred over freedom of speech that same year. When he decided to make some of his findings public, he was threatened he would endanger his job. A national public debate ensued that resulted in nationwide media coverage throughout Denmark. These experiences inspired his acclaimed book, Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist's Experiences from the Copenhagen Municipality, and a new appointment for him at the Danish Ministry of Defense. Sennels has since returned to his former practice as a child and adolescent psychologist and produces a newsletter, 10News.

Among his other varied accomplishments, Sennels also served as a consultant in the case against Omar Khadr, a convicted terrorist now serving his sentence in Guantanamo prison, contributed a chapter to the Dutch book, Islam: Critical Essays on a Political Religion, along with those by other notable critics on Islam – including Raymond Ibrahim, Hans Jansen, Michael Mannheimer, Ibn Warraq, and Bat Ye’or – and he is now the very first expert contributor to Islam Exposed in “Ask the Expert.” We are delighted and grateful for his invaluable contribution.

For More about Nicolai Sennels, visit his website in Dutch and English and Jihad Watch, "Robert Spencer Interviews Nicolai Sennels: ‛Muslims are Taught to be Aggressive, Insecure, Irresponsible and Intolerant'." Sennels also publishes a newsletter, Click on the link 10News to subscribe.

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