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Fans of Islam Exposed were asked to submit questions for our guest expert, Nicolai Sennels, in advance for possible selection. Our administrators then compiled them, selected the leading, most common questions, and submitted them to him for his response. He has now answered queries from our following fans, who comprise our panel.

Panelists (in alphabetical order): Daniel Alexander; Mind Ali; Sandy Wooldridge Beaver; Lize Botha; Auriell Cerith; Germán Dousdebés-Chebab; Ronald Eccles; Linda Feldman; Roger Froikin; Linda Harvey; Stringer Hendrickson; Krista Kay; Robin Kuhlman; Eric Malone; Tom McHatton; Jeffrey Morrissey; Bob Nordberg; Kevin O'Rourke; Dilip Singh; Johnny Sowell; David Christoph Vinsome; Dumisani Washington; and an anonymous fan.

IE [Islam Exposed] Moderator:
We’re thrilled to introduce our very first guest expert, Nicolai Sennels, who has been kind and generous enough to devote his own personal time to participate in “Ask the Expert” in order to raise public awareness. He is a Danish-born psychologist and author and brings us unique insight into the psychological and behavioral distinctions between Western and Muslim cultures. 
For those unfamiliar with him, we should first tell you a little something about him and his expertise. Readers can also visit our page, "About Nicolai Sennels," and his website."* 

As the sole psychologist at Sønderbro prison for youth in Denmark, Nicolai Sennels first gained his expertise and notoriety with his groundbreaking therapeutic techniques for its mostly Muslim immigrant population. Seven out of ten of Denmark’s prison youth are from immigrant, predominantly Muslim backgrounds, prompting Sennels to later describe them as “criminal Muslims.”

Through his keen observations and insights, Sennels tailored a therapeutic program to address the specific differences and needs of a mostly Muslim immigrant prison population. By teaching the inmates anger management, tolerance, meditation, self-control, mindfulness, and a sense of individual responsibility for their actions, Sennels’ approach has better equipped them with tools for re-entry and integration into Western society. In 2008 Sønderbro was voted by all inmates across Denmark as the best prison facility in the country, which was primarily attributed to Sennels’ methods and program.

Yet, aside from his frequent contributions to Jihad Watch and his array of other published works, Sennels is probably best known for the controversy he stirred over freedom of speech that same year. When he decided to make some of his findings public, he was threatened he would endanger his job. A national public debate ensued that resulted in nationwide media coverage throughout Denmark. These experiences inspired his acclaimed book, Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist's Experiences from the Copenhagen Municipality, and a new appointment for him at the Danish Ministry of Defense. Sennels has since returned to his former practice as a child and adolescent psychologist and produces a newsletter, 10News.

Among his other varied accomplishments, Sennels also served as a consultant in the case against Omar Khadr, a convicted terrorist now serving his sentence in Guantanamo prison, contributed a chapter to the Dutch book, Islam: Critical Essays on a Political Religion, along with those by other notable critics on Islam – including Raymond Ibrahim, Hans Jansen, Michael Mannheimer, Ibn Warraq, and Bat Ye’or – and he is now the very first expert contributor to Islam Exposed in “Ask the Expert.” We are delighted and grateful for his invaluable contribution.*

Welcome and thank you, Nicolai Sennels! We’re privileged that you’ve joined us.

As a former psychologist at Copenhagen’s Sønderbro youth prison in Denmark – and the only one at the time – you come to us with first-hand experience and expertise in the complex psychological issues that Muslim immigrants face when integrating into Western society. In 2008 you participated in a conference by the Copenhagen municipality on immigrant crime, and, objecting to the vernacular usage of “criminal immigrants,” you characterized them as “criminal Muslims.” Can you explain why?

We have many segments of immigrants in Denmark, and the problems that we had to discuss at the conference – crime, terror, integration – are in reality problems with Muslims. Muslim criminals are the only group that are more criminal than average (see national crime statistics, “Rigsstatistiker Jan Plovsing går Planken ud,” Hodjanernes Blog), while all other groups of immigrants have a crime index lower than the average. When it comes to integration and terror, it is – just as with crime – obvious to everybody that Muslims pose the greatest burden on our society. Stigmatising all groups of immigrants is unfair and unethical, and we can only solve the problems if we dare to name them.

IE Moderator: During a recent interview with Robert Spencer at Jihad Watchyou mentioned four major psychological distinctions between Muslims and Westerners that often can lead to the criminal behavior of Muslim immigrant youth. You later summed up these differences, concluding that “Westerners are taught to be kind, self-assured, self-responsible and tolerant, while Muslims are taught to be aggressive, insecure, irresponsible and intolerant.”

Can you briefly elaborate on these differences here for those who are unfamiliar with your work?

During individual and group therapy with more than a hundred Muslim clients, and, being able to compare them with non-Muslim clients in the same age group and same social-economic background, I found four essential psychological factors that separate Muslims and non-Muslims. I have to say that these descriptions – together with the other answers in this Q & A – are of course general. One does not have to be an experienced and licensed psychologist to know that there are of course individual differences within any culture. But we have to accept the fact that different cultures influence people differently. There is one thing that is more dangerous and naive than generalising all people within an ethnic group, and that is to think that we are all the same and that Muslims and non-Muslims therefore can live in harmony. Islam sees itself as an enemy of non-Muslims. In order to stop that enemy, it helps to know the way it forms its enslaved followers' mindset.

The four psychological factors I mention in my interview with Robert Spencer concern anger, self-confidence, the so-called "locus of control," and identity, which I described as follows:

Westerners are brought up to think of anger as a sign of weakness, powerlessness, and lack of self-control. "Big dogs don't have to bark," as we say in Denmark. In Muslim culture, anger is seen as a sign of strength. To Muslims, being aggressive is in itself an argument and a way of gaining respect. They even have holy days of anger, where people take to the streets to shout, hop, and shoot in the air. Such ridiculous and childish behaviour may intimidate the less brave, but it can never be a source of respect from a Western perspective.

In Western culture, self-confidence is connected with the ability to meet criticism calmly and to respond rationally. We are raised to see people who easily get angry when criticized as insecure and immature. In Muslim culture it is the opposite; it is honorable to respond aggressively and to engage in a physical fight in order to scare or force critics to withdraw, even if this results in a prison sentence or even death. They see non-aggressive responses to such threats and violence as a sign of a vulnerability that is to be exploited. They do not interpret a peaceful response as an invitation to enter into a dialogue, diplomacy, intellectual debate, compromise, or peaceful coexistence.

"Locus of control" is a term used in psychology and relates to the way in which people feel that their lives are controlled. In Western culture, we are brought up to have an "inner locus of control," meaning that we see our own inner emotions, reactions, decisions, and views as the main deciding factor in our lives. There may be outer circumstances that influence our situation, but, in the end, it is our own perception of a situation and the way we handle it that decides our future and our state of mind. The "inner locus of control" leads to increased self-responsibility and motivates people to become able to solve their own problems.

Muslims are brought up to have an "outer locus of control." Their constant use of the term inshallah ("Allah willing") when talking about the future, as well as the fact that most aspects of their lives are decided by outer traditions and authorities, leaves very little space for individual freedom. Independent initiatives are often severely punished. This shapes their way of thinking and means that when things go wrong, it is always the fault of others or the situation. Unfortunately, many Westerners go overboard with their self-responsibility and start to take responsibility for others' behavior as well. The mix of many Westerners being overly forgiving, their flexible attitude, and Muslim self-pity and blame is the psychological crowbar that has opened the West to Islamization. Our overly protective welfare system shields immigrants from noticing the consequences of their own misbehavior and thereby learning from their mistakes and motivating them to improve.

Finally, identity plays a big role when it comes to psychological differences between Muslims and Westerners. Westerners are taught to be open and tolerant toward other cultures, races, religions, etc. This makes us less critical, impairs our ability to discriminate, and makes our societies open to the influence of other cultural trends and values that may not always be constructive. Muslims, on the other hand, are taught again and again that they are superior and that all others are so bad that Allah will throw them in hell when they die. While most Westerners find national and cultural pride embarrassing, Muslim culture's self-glorification, massive use of inbreeding, the rule that only Muslims can marry Muslims, and their all-pervading social control function as self-protecting mechanisms on the levels of culture and identity. These different cultural mechanisms are the reason why Islam managed to stay medieval for 1,400 years, in spite of the great cultural, political, economic, and scientific developments in their surroundings. [Also see the “four enabling psychological factorsat Jihad Watch in “Nicolai Sennels, Psychology: Why Islam Creates Monsters.”]

IE Moderator: We know that, in general, prison recidivism rates are high for violent offenders, Muslim or not. Can you tell us about any one case that stands out as a success story – when you were able to successfully integrate a youthful violent offender into Western society – and the one that was most difficult, when integration failed? And what were the factors that you believe contributed to the success and failure of each?

Since I was not able to follow up on the youths when they left prison, I cannot answer your question. The brightest Muslim prisoners were able to understand the therapy and show progress, but I am sure that many of them returned to their prior behaviors once they returned to the streets. Statistics show, though, that recidivism was higher when they were subjected to pedagogical treatment than when they spent all their sentence in a less pedagogical setting.

IE Moderator: Thank you for providing us with a little more background about your methods and experience. We now begin with some carefully selected questions from our fans, who are eager to read your responses. The first question comes from an active member of Islam Exposed, Linda Feldman, followed by the others.

Linda Feldman: Parallel societies in Europe are often seen as a great evil. Are you suggesting that there is a link between parallel societies and lawlessness? If there is a link, what kind is it – corollary or causal? In Canada, youthful criminality is more often associated with:

  1. Caribbean youth in the western Toronto region
  2. First Nations youth in the prairie provinces
  3. Sri Lankan Tamil youth in the eastern Toronto region

The first two groups are Christian, while the third group is predominantly Hindu. Why anchor your critique so closely in religion, when examples such as those I have just given point to other facts, most importantly, the impact of urbanization on youth from families with traditional, rural backgrounds? Why don’t you choose the contrast Muslim/Christian or Eastern/Western, which would be conceptually more appropriate?

Discussing psychological characteristics of the Muslim culture is important. There might be psychological factors in other cultures and religions that also increase criminal behaviour, but I did not have a chance to study them. What I can say for sure is that when a Muslim harms a non-Muslim, he is acting according to the most holy scriptures of his religion, and, when followers of other major religions commit a crime against others, they go against the message of their faith. You just have to read the Qur’an and the Bible to realize this. Choosing the contrast Eastern/Western would be a misunderstanding. The differences are not caused by geography but by cultural and religious influence.

Germán Dousdebés-Chebab:  Are Western morals compatible with the core values of Islam?

No, Western morals are built on basic human rights such as democracy, free speech, and equalities between the sexes and religions.

Germán Dousdebés-Chebab: And is Christianity as incompatible to Western democracy as Islam is?

Western democracy is built on Christian values, while Islam opposes both.

Germán Dousdebés-Chebab: What solution is there for Muslims in the West to integrate?

For a Muslim to integrate, he has to want it, be allowed by his family, and be able to. Very few Muslims have these three conditions. When it comes to unintegrated immigrants with citizenship, the only solution is to make their lack of integration so unpractical and uneconomic that accepting paid repatriation is the only attractive choice. Unintegrated immigrants who do not have citizenship in our countries should be forced to leave.

Dumisani Washington: Why do you feel Islam today is so characterized by extremism and violence?

It is not something I feel. It is a fact. Islam has always been characterized by extreme violence. Rejecting violence against non-Muslims is usually considered apostasy. Read the Qur’an and the Hadiths if you want to know more. As a psychologist for Muslims, my conclusion is that Islam promotes anger, bad self-confidence, irresponsibility, and intolerance, and these four psychological factors are known for being part of violent personalities. Read more here: “Robert Spencer Interviews Nicolai Sennels: ‘Muslims are Taught to be Aggressive, Insecure, Irresponsible and Intolerant’.”

Stringer Hendrickson: It seems to me that they [Muslims] are brainwashed into becoming psychopathic killers. However, the thing that interests me the most is how the nominal Muslims who don't actually practice the faith can be neutral one day and become bloodthirsty terrorists the next. Is there some kind of hereditary mental illness involved, or could it be that they are so terrified of their religious leaders that they can do these horrific things without mental and emotional repercussions?

Many Muslims have been raised under the same conditions as in classical brainwashing: a cocktail of demoralising pain-infliction and mind-numbing repetitions of the Qur’an. This primes the individual with certain values and behavioural patterns that can be awoken under certain circumstances. You should also know that fundamentalist Muslims are mostly peaceful when in a weak position, while they are violent and suppressive when in power. Many Muslims are, as you also mention, forced by their religion and religious leaders to be violent.

Mind Ali:  Why do new Islamic converts practice violence?

Because their new religion tells them to and because the fastest way to attain social status in most Muslim societies is to physically fight for Islam.

Robin Kuhlman: What is the psychological makeup of a Westerner who converts to Islam? I understand [what might be involved for] people who grow up in Muslim homes and in Muslim cultures – but not for people who grow up non-Muslim in a Western society. It is difficult for me to understand what in the world is going on in their heads. I can't believe that so many are so gullible that they are taken in by all the lies and propaganda about the so-called "religion of peace" that they ignore all evidence to the contrary. Also, once they are converted, they appear to have a cult-like mentality. The converts or "reverts," as they call themselves, are among the most avid and relentless proselytizers for Islam and repeat the same tiresome lies and propaganda. Are there any methods that can be used to deprogram them, and, if so, how successful have they been?

One study apparently shows that some non-Muslims convert to Islam because they prefer a more violent approach to life (see “Change of Faith: Why Young Brits Turn from Christianity to Islam”). My own experiences from working with young Muslims, including converts, is that young people convert to Islam in order to find acceptance and protection, whether it is in their Islamized neighbourhood or in prison. Any deprograming of Muslims would have to start with convincing them that one can protect apostates. Isolation from other Muslims seemed to have a very positive affect on the former extremist Ahmed Akkari (famous for starting the violent riots against the Danish Mohammed cartoons), who – after spending some years in Greenland – came back as a firm believer in democracy and free speech. Muslim isolation from non-Muslims, though, should have first priority, given the genocidal nature of their religion.

IE Moderator: To interject for just a moment, you briefly touched upon the subject of Muslim converts in prison. The Islamic radicalization of inmates in U.S. prisons has become an increasingly growing problem (see “Roots of Radical Islam in Prisons,” “Law Enforcement: Radical Islam Infiltrating U.S. Prisons,” and “U.S. Law Enforcers Note Increase in Prison Tattoos with Hezbollah Imagery”). Does Denmark face this same phenomenon in its prisons, and does this contribute to the large Muslim inmate population there? If so, what do you suggest can be done to curtail it?

It is not discussed in Denmark as widely as it should be. Danish newspapers have published a few articles on how Muslim inmates dominate prisons when it comes to what kind of food can be prepared in the inmates’ common kitchens, etc. As everywhere else in the world, Muslim violence against non-Muslims can only be stopped by keeping these two groups separated. There is no way you can change Islam and what it demands from its followers.

Roger Froikin: What can be done to counter radical Muslims preaching in schools and mosques worldwide?

 When it comes to Western schools, tell the students’ parents what the Qur’an is about. That would prompt them to look for schools that do not teach Islam. When it comes to preaching in mosques in non-Muslim countries, I suggest that only state-approved imams be allowed to preach (approval can be obtained by signing that secular law is about religious law and that violent, criminal passages of Islamic scripture will be publicly rejected).

Stringer HendricksonI have read the Qur’an and the Hadith. Basically, they dehumanize us to make it okay to kill us. So, is there any way to cause them to have a conscience?

Islam is set to destroy its followers’ personal conscience and to substitute it with blind faith in the Sharia. If you want to know more about how Islam creates its monstrous terrorists, read my article, “Psychology: Why Islam Creates Monsters,” at Jihad Watch.

Daniel Alexander: I know sex with underage girls is acceptable, but what is the attitude towards sex with underage boys?

Not being able to even hold the hand of a woman before marriage, I find it very difficult to believe that homosexuality is not widespread among Muslims, including sexual abuse of underage boys. Sex with underage boys is widespread in Pakistan (see “95 Percent of Pak Truckers 'Indulge in Sex with 'Boy' Helpers”) and Afghanistan, where the tradition of Bacha Bazi is widely practised.

Anonymous Fan: Ansh MishraIts said that if a Muslim dies he gets 72 virgins in Heaven who are sexually aroused, and the Muslim man must have sex with them to control their lust. Now, my question is what if a Muslim kid dies before hitting puberty, or what if just an infant Muslim dies? How will he control the virgins’ lust? What is he going to do with those virgins?

Since Muhammad liked to have sex with children himself, I assume that the children are welcome as part of the harem. When it comes to infants, Ayatollah Khomeini, the spiritual leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, claimed that, though it is haram to penetrate them vaginally, anal sex and thighing (rubbing the penis between the baby's legs) babies are halal (see “Khomeini’s Disgusting Defenses of Pedophilia”).

Jeffrey Morrissey: Islamic Heaven: wine, women, and food. Is this an adult or an adolescent vision of Heaven?

The Islamic paradise was obviously made up by an emotionally immature and very horny man, unable to handle an experienced woman.

Jeffrey Morrissey: And are predilections for rape, theft, and murder the mark of a balanced personality?

No. And after studying Muhammad's life, I assume he would have spent most of his life in a prison for the criminally insane, if he had lived today (which many of his present copycats actually do).

Sandy Wooldridge Beaver: How could Muslims who follow the holy book [Qur’an] not be terrorists?

Anybody who can read knows that the Islamic scriptures order Muslims to use intimidation, violence, and murder to subdue non-Muslims. A large survey involving 35,000 Muslims showed that in 32 of the 39 countries surveyed, half or more Muslims take the Qur’an literally (see “The World’s Muslims: Unity and Diversity”). On top of the Qur’an comes the Hadiths, which are equally terror-inciting (e.g., Bukhari: "Allah's Apostle said, 'I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror'" [see Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220]).

The problems are that U.S. President Obama has forbidden his administration to mention this fact and that many other Western countries persecute people speaking the truth about Islam and Muslim traditions. If we should have a fair chance to warn voters about the eminent threat that Islam poses to our societies, we must protect free speech. Today, this means running the risk of being prosecuted or subjected to threats and violence – or even murder – by Muslims and Leftist extremists.

Lize Botha: Please shed some light on the following [four] verses [from Islamic scripture] for all to know and understand once and for all:

  1. “He who makes peace between the people by INVENTING [emphasis added] good information or saying good things is not a liar.” (Bukhari 49:857)
  2. "Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it." (Surah 2:216)
  3. "If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men." (Surah 9:37-)
  4. "Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them." (Surah 9:121)

They prove that Islam is unconstitutional.

Tom McHatton: When Sharia law, our Constitution, and local laws are in effect at the time and a Muslim commits a severe crime, which (if any) severe crime could a Muslim not get away with: murder, sexual child abuse, or assault?

Islam has very severe punishments for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Stealing is punished with amputation. Sex outside the marriage is punished (at least for the woman) with stoning, etc. What is special concerning Islamic law is that it has very different laws for Muslims and non-Muslims, respectively.

Dilip Singh: How was Macca Madena established? In Islam they say that they don’t worship idols, but it is the opposite in Macca Madena! I am a Hindu, and we firmly believe that Macca Madena is nothing, but they worship our Hindu God Shiva. To prove this, there is a black stone that is very similar to our Shiva (called Shiv Ling). It used to be openly exposed many years ago, but the structure is now covered with a black cloth, because the Hindus would shout loudly, claiming that the Muslims were worshiping their Shiva. They [the Muslims] also take round trips around the structure, which is very similar to Hindus! There is strong evidence that the Prophet Muhammad’s uncle Omar-bin-e-Hassham had composed a poem in praise of Lord Shiva, a copy of which can be found in the Makhtab-e-Sultania library in Istanbul, Turkey.

I do not know what Macca Madena is, but I sense your question is typically Hinduistic, seeking the oneness of all religions. We know from Jungian psychology that human beings attempt to create similar rituals and symbols all over the world, but asserting that all religions have the same source or essence is exactly the lethal mistake committed repeatedly by our naïve politicians.

Krista Kay: Why hasn’t there ever been another great Muslim leader since [the former Turkish Prime Minister] Ataturk?

I guess it is because most Muslim leaders after Ataturk, who worked to install a secular society, are being killed, never elected, or forced to resign.

Robin Kuhlman: I'm every bit as concerned about the "politically correct" Western enablers of Islamization as I am about the Islamists. It's as if they are blind, deaf, and dumb. What will it take for them to face the reality of Islam? In spite of all evidence to the contrary, they are still pretending that Islam is just like any other religion and that terrorism and jihad attacks have nothing to do with "the religion of peace." It's both fascinating and horrifying to witness. How can so many people still be so delusional when they have been presented with facts? Is their sick need to feel morally superior, kinder, and more loving (than those of us who see Islam for what it is, a totalitarian political ideology) so deeply ingrained in their psyches that nothing will convince them otherwise or break through their self-delusion?

Well, polls in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, and France clearly show a sharp increase of sympathy among voters for Islam-critical parties. Fifty-one (51) percent of Germans see Islam as a threat. We are not alone.

Linda Harvey: Why when they [Muslims] are confronted with the unpleasant truths about an issue do they avoid answering the question and attack you about another unrelated issue?

Muslims avoid answering Islam’s critics because we are right, and their only way to restore their fragile honor and faith is therefore to silence you through name-calling, threats, or death.

Eric Malone: Is it true that a Muslim can lie to the infidel [non-Muslim/nonbeliever]? I ask this because I have read and was told that they can, but then I heard [differently] from a couple of Muslims who said they cannot. Is that a lie or the truth? In my opinion this would reveal whether or not they can be trusted when they say we don't believe the radical teachings because Islam is of peace.

The Qur’an allows Muslims to lie to infidels if it serves Islam or the Muslim himself. This is called "taqiyya."

Roger Froikin: What can be done to root out fears of Muslim violence that paralyze law enforcement and governments in many countries?

Inspire people with your fearlessness!

David Christoph Vinsome: Do you think that military action against Muslims may happen at some point?

Well, it happens every day in Thailand, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. If your question is whether we will see the military involved against violent Muslims in our own non-Muslim countries, the answer is a definite yes, since the police at one point will run out of resources and the violence will reach a point where military grade force will be necessary. Already now soldiers are patrolling the streets in Paris, and several politicians are asking the military to step in in Marseilles. This will happen on a more wide scale within a handful of years.

Germán Dousdebés-Chebab: Is deportation a much more affordable option?

We cannot deport immigrants with citizenship, but we can make crime and lack of integration so unpractical and unbeneficial that being paid to move back to one's family's home country is the only attractive solution.  Longer prison sentences served in outsourced prisons is another possible scenario.

Dumisani Washington: There has been much debate about the role of Arab Islam in African slavery. Much of that debate (recently) has been muddled with claims of a prominent Jewish role in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (see Louis Farrakhan’s letter to 16 Jewish organizations). Can you tell us what your perspective is on Islam and slavery, especially in those Islamic nations in which slavery is still present?

Slavery is the very core of Islam. Muslims are enslaved by Islam, and the religious duty of Muslims is to enslave non-Muslims. When it comes to the fact that Muslim wives can only divorce by being set free by an Islamic (male) authority, I would like to quote Churchill, who said that this tradition "delays the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased." This goes for all countries where Muslims live.

Dumisani Washington:  What is the likelihood that the Arab Muslim world will finally recognize the legitimacy of the Jewish state of Israel?

No chance. The extermination of Jews is a religious duty for Muslims.

Auriell Cerith: Why are world leaders pimping Islam? What do they get out of it?

Interesting questions. I have written an article on “Psychological Explanations of Political Correctness” in which I suggest looking at two classical theories found within the science of social psychology. Both theories have been proved in countless psychological experiments.

One theory is the so-called "Bystander Effect," which describes how people tend to remain passive towards a catastrophe because they all wait to see if the others react. Since nobody reacts – they are all waiting for others to do it – they all think that it is either inappropriate or unnecessary to act.

The other theory is called "Pluralistic Ignorance." This theory describes how people are afraid to speak their mind because they think others disapprove of this specific opinion, and instead they express the opinion that they think other people accept.  In this way, a majority may vote for one thing, while the same majority actually wants another thing.

The third theory, presented in the above-mentioned article of mine, is my own. It builds on the assumption that all people want to be "good," and in Western cultures we are taught that being "open and tolerant" (the mindset of the multicultural society) characterizes a good person. And Muslims constitute a large and growing part of the voters. Many of our leaders know very little about Islam. Some of them are afraid of Muslims or of being rejected by their politically correct family, friends, and colleagues.

Ronald Eccles: I have heard many accuse President Obama of having strong ties to Islam. In light of his many decisions when it comes to Israel, is there any connection you are aware of?

I think everybody knows that Obama has been influenced by Islam in the period of his life when human beings are most psychologically vulnerable – in his childhood. If Obama suddenly declared himself a follower of Islam, many things would suddenly make sense. We can only hope that the following presidents will revive U.S. support of Israel.

Bob Nordberg: Do you think that, if Obama, Kofi Annon, and the UN did not reward Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga with power (i.e., the Prime Minister in 2008 after Muslim riots killed 1,500 Christians and then the Islamic law courts paid for by America), the recent Kenya Mall attack would not have happened?

The key word is "reward." I believe that Obama's actions—first backing Odinga who signed the MOU with the Muslims, then campaigning by Odinga’s side in the 2008-2009 elections, then giving Odinga power after losing the elections (i.e., "reward,” Muslim riots, etc.), and then finally "rewarding” the Muslims in Kenya with two sets of rules for one people (i.e., Islamic Kadiki courts) – I believe that all of these actions taught the Muslims in the area that rioting and the killing of Christians actually works.

I am not sure I understand your question, but I believe the Westgate terrorists are sincere when they say that they attack because of Kenya's involvement in Somalia.

Kevin O'Rourke: Do you think WW3 is just around the corner? If so, when?

With Islamic terror and violence against non-Muslims spreading virulently worldwide, I would say that WW3 is already happening. When the police run out of resources, which is already the case in certain areas in and around Copenhagen, Denmark, they will at one point need the assistance of the army. This is unavoidable, and – judging by the police's inability to install secular law and order in the ghettos and the many examples of ridiculously naive and politically correct statements from police leaders – I must admit that I only trust the military when it comes to the ability to protect our Constitution and citizens.

Johnny Sowell: Is there any point in seeking peace with Islam?

No. There is a point in speaking the truth and carrying a big stick. Actually, seeking peace with Islam is naive and dangerous, since religious Muslims usually perceive friendliness and courtesy as weakness – a weakness that is to be exploited for the continuous advancement of Islam and Muslim domination.

IE Moderator: And that is exactly what we aim to do, which is why we invited you as our guest – to speak the truth to our readers and fans to ensure we are armed with that stick!

With that said, we have reached the last of our selected questions from fans and conclude. Once again, we would like to thank you for your invaluable expertise and generosity, our panelists for their thought-provoking questions and, last but not least, our readers and fans, all of whom have been instrumental to the success of this first part in our continuing series, “Ask the Expert.”

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