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Ask the Expert with Paul "Dave" Gaubatz

Islamic-Based Sleeper Cells in the U.S. and Israel and the Prevention of More Islamic-Based Terrorist Attacks

Paul "Dave" Gaubatz, today's "Ask the Expert" guest, specializes in counter-terrorism. We probably won’t have another expert with his superior level of boots-on-the-ground experience, knowledge, and qualifications in our current topic: “Islamic-Based Terrorist Cells in the U.S. and Israel and the Prevention of More Islamic-Based Terrorist Attacks.”

Dave Gaubatz was introduced to us by Adina Kutnicki, Islam Exposed's Israeli administrator and resident Muslim Brotherhood expert. He is one of her foremost connections and sources, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank her for making this interview possible with someone of his caliber and knowledge.

About Paul "Dave" Gaubatz

Aside from co-authoring the magna carté of books on the Muslim underworld, Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America, Dave Gaubatz is a U.S. State Department-trained Arabic linguist and a retired Federal Agent with the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). With over three decades of combined Air Force (AF) experience, his career has led him on missions spanning the Middle East — from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Kuwait to Iraq. As a Special Federal Agent, he has received the highest forms of U.S. security clearances for top-secret intelligence information — including for weapons of mass destruction and espionage — and has been briefed into many "black projects."

Among his varied achievements, Gaubatz has investigated felony crimes against the U.S. Air Force and government, as well as has been assigned to counterterrorism and counterintelligence investigations. He was the very first Special Civilian Agent deployed to Nasiriyah, Iraq, in 2003 for Operation Liberation Iraq. Using his Arabic training to travel throughout, he gathered vital intelligence on espionage and weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Although he was able to uncover sites, the U.S. failed to excavate them, and the weapons were later taken by groups of insurgents.

During this stint in Iraq, Gaubatz was also assigned to rescue the family of Mohammed Odeh Al-Rehaief, the Iraqi lawyer who aided in rescuing Pfc. Jessica Lynch. He has earned numerous Federal awards for identifying WMD sites and Islamic terrorists planning attacks against the U.S. and its troops.

Upon his return from Iraq in 2003, Gaubatz wrote an Arabic street survival guide and began to lecture at schools, businesses, and law enforcement agencies. His book, Muslim Mafia, which he co-wrote with Paul Sperry and published in 2009, has gained the endorsement of such prominent figures as Congresswoman Sue Myrick, who also wrote its Forward. He also held the position as the Chief Investigator of the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office and as the National Investigator of Target Corporation.

Gaubatz now continues his public service independently. He publishes his own blog, owns Wahhabi CT Publications, and provides counterterrorism training materials for law enforcement and other organizations. He is frequently called upon for speaking engagements and training. Yet, setting the bar even higher, he refuses to accept any fees — including the proceeds from his publications and book, which he donates to charity. We encourage readers to visit his blog and to purchase a signed, personalized copy of Muslim Mafia or visit to look inside.

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Q's & A's with Dave Gaubatz and Fans of Islam Exposed

About the Format and Forum: Fans of Islam Exposed were asked to submit questions for our guest expert, Paul "Dave" Gaubatz, in advance for possible selection. Our administrators then compiled them, selected the leading, most common questions, and submitted them to him for his response. He has now answered their queries, which are presented and moderated by one of our Islam Exposed contributors, Lisa Michelle. The following fans and members comprise our panel . . .

Panelists (in alphabetical order):

Samanmal Bandara (Sri Lanka); Ann Bell (United Kingdom); Mark Diamond (U.S.); Rickie Elliot (US); Larry Estavan; P. Dave Gaubatz (U.S), Our Guest Expert; Eulene Johnson (U.S.); Dretch K (Israel); Adina Kutnicki, Israeli Administrator, Islam Exposed; Christopher Logan (U.S.), Creator of Logan's Warning and President of North American Infidels; George McCallum (U.S.); Ricardo Medina (Peru); Lisa Michelle (U.S.), Islam Exposed Moderator; Luis Monge (Costa Rica); Yavi Ore (Canada); Prayingpat (U.S.); and Nicolai Sennels (Denmark), Our Previous "Ask the Expert" Guest.

Lisa Michelle, Islam Exposed (IE) Moderator: 
We are privileged to welcome Dave Gaubatz as our guest for "Ask the Expert." Welcome and thank you for joining us. We now immediately segue into our question-and-answer segment with a few questions by us followed by fans.

The title of your book, Muslim Mafia, implies a parallel between Islamic operations and organized crime, particularly with groups such as the Mafia or "Mob." Would you elaborate on why you make such a comparison in your book and what that parallel is?

D. Gaubatz 

The title, Muslim Mafia, was well-thought out by the publisher (WND) and myself. The undercover project upon which the book is based pertains to CAIR [Council of American-Islamic Relations] National in Washington, DC. It is well known and documented. They are a Muslim Brotherhood front. CAIR is a well-organized and financed terrorist-supporting organization. Its primary objective is to raise funding for Islamic-based terrorist organizations such as Hamas, as well as for Al Qaeda. It is a business and is a criminal enterprise like the Italian mob.

Adina Kutnicki, Israel Administrator: Can you please explain to readers the connection between Sharia law compliant financial instruments and their nexus to terror, specifically narco-terror? Too many believe the spin put forth that Sharia law finance is exclusively a means to enable Muslims to stay clear of investments considered "impure" according to Islamic principles.

D. Gaubatz 

Sharia financing is a very dangerous aspect of the Islamic ideology and Sharia law. Islamic scholars want people to believe it is all about usury (interest on loans). Sharia financing goes all the way from the poppy fields of Afghanistan to the heroin users on the streets of New York, LA, and across the U.S. It is a tool used by Muslims to keep the bookkeepers of illegal funds and illegal bookkeeping from the eyes of organizations such as the IRS.

Lisa Michelle, IE Moderator:  We hear all time from politicians and media about terrorist cells and organizations, which obviously pose a threat to our national and international security. We also hear the terms Islamic “extremists,” “moderate” Muslims, and “Islamophobes” bantered about with little to no attention on the insidious nature and risks of stealth or "civilized" Jihad posed by so-called “moderate” Muslims, the rapid increase of mosque building here in America and abroad, and groups such as CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, etc.

By the same token, many of these groups and individuals do indeed seem to have assimilated and adapted to Western society.  What is really going on behind the scenes at these institutions? In your educated estimation, what percentage of Muslims are in fact moderate and peaceful and how much of a threat do or will they present if their population in America continues to rise as it has in Europe? 

D. Gaubatz 

A “radical Muslim” is a “practicing” Muslim. A “Moderate” Muslim is a “non-practicing” Muslim or otherwise known as an “Apostate of Islam." I ask readers to read my prior article, The Fallacy of the Moderate Muslim.” There are essentially four types of people associated with Islam. 

  1. You have the "Pure Muslim" who does everything he or she can to be an example of what Islam was mandated to be by Prophet Mohammed (the founder of Islam). These folks are the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and a dozen other Islamic terrorist groups. They are otherwise known as the band of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  2. The second group are Muslims who found and lead such organizations as CAIR, ISNA, MSA [Muslim Students' Association], MANA [Muslim Alliance in North America], etc. They spend millions on public relations to make themselves appear as peaceful Muslims only wanting to help other Muslims in need. In actuality, these groups are simply fronts of the Muslim Brotherhood to help fund their illegal operations.

  3. The third group consists of what the world describes as “Moderate” Muslims. They have little to do with Islam and Sharia law. The majority of them are simply Apostates of Islam. The dangerous part is that some of these so-called moderates will side with Islamic terror groups when “the time is right.”

  4. The fourth type of group is made up of liberals worldwide who are non-Muslim but who support the Islamic ideology before they would support their own governments in America, Egypt, UK, etc. They are a grave danger, because they provide cover for terror groups.

Lisa Michelle, IE Moderator: What about interfaith dialogue? Do you think that the concepts of multiculturalism and engagement in interfaith dialogue between Muslims, Israel, the Jewish people, and the West in general are productive or do they pose a danger to us and why?

D. Gaubatz 

Interfaith dialogue is very, very dangerous. It is nothing but a deceptive tool originated by Islamic organizations such as CAIR and a dozen other Islamic-based terrorist supporting groups. Islamic scholars have informed me during my undercover operations that interfaith dialogue is used by Islamic groups to get naive Christian ministers, pastors, rabbis, etc., to side with them on Islamic issues and to denounce anyone critical of Islam. Islamic groups have a confidential database of human sources. They recruit Christian leaders unwittingly. They know that if a pastor of a large church gives them support, it doesn't matter what the 2,000 people in his/her congregation feel about Islam.

Ricki Elliot (U.S.): What are some of the most common techniques that Muslims use to become accepted members of U.S. society?

D. Gaubatz 

The vast majority of people who identify with Islam in America do not adhere to Sharia law 100 percent as Islam dictates. They are essentially Apostates of Islam. There are thousands, if not millions, of Muslims who assimilate into the American culture by going to our colleges, obtaining legitimate employment, and swearing by the U.S. Constitution just to avoid scrutiny by the U.S. intelligence organizations. They are known as “Sleeper Cells.” When the timing is right, they will openly support physical Jihad operations against America and Israel. Our “Mapping Sharia” study shows that 75 plus percent of the mosques and Islamic centers in America have materials calling for hate and violence against non-Muslims and their respective governments.

Ann Bell (United Kingdom): Why are so many Muslims emigrating to the West?

D. Gaubatz 

The ultimate objective of Islam is to establish a worldwide Islamic Ummah (nation) under Sharia law. In order to do this, Muslims must be in every part of the world and multiply. They are doing this throughout the world, especially in England, Germany, and the U.S. If they can populate these superpowers, they are closer to victory. Imam Siraj Wahhaj, MANA, Brooklyn, New York, said it best: "The U.S. can bomb us in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., but they can’t bomb us in America."

Luis Monge (Costa Rica): We in Costa Rica have more than a few mosques. Should we consider every mosque a potential breeding ground for sleeper-cell terrorists, since the only difference between Muslims who carry out violent acts and peaceful ones seems to be how devout they really are?

D. Gaubatz 

Every mosque throughout the world is a breeding ground for Islamic-based terrorism. The mosques are considered safe houses. Over 75 percent openly have material calling for Jihad against non-Muslims. This applies in Costa Rica.

Rickie Elliot (U.S.): How can we successfully block the establishment of a mosque within a city, particularly Norfolk, Virginia, and its surrounding cities?

D. Gaubatz 

The chance of blocking a mosque or the expansion of a mosque in America is virtually zero. They will fight for decades to achieve their goal. Mosques in America are strategically placed (all 2,300). Until we can convince America’s leaders and law enforcement that Islam is a danger to our nation, we are fighting an uphill battle. There is only one slight chance of stopping the building of a mosque: you must provide first-hand evidence of what they are teaching.

George McCallum (U.S.): Do you think that it is possible to have a moratorium on Islamic immigration and the building of any new mosques in the United States? If so, how do we structure it so that it will hold up under any court challenges?

 D. Gaubatz 

I think what you suggest about a moratorium on new mosques and immigration of Sharia compliant Muslims into America is the only way we (Americans) have a chance to defeat our number-one enemy. The number-one enemy in America is not Al Qaeda, Hamas, etc. It is the Islamic ideology itself. Until more Americans begin to understand this and are able to convince our politicians that the Islamic ideology is a hate and violence-filled doctrine that must be viewed for what it is, we have little chance of stopping the building of mosques and preventing "Sleeper Terrorists" inside our country. There are approximately 2,300 mosques in America and growing.

Yavi Ore (Canada): Jammat al-Fuqra is a terrorist group in the United States that has terrorist training camps on American soil. How is this possible, and what can the average American do to put an end to this Islamic takeover?

D. Gaubatz 

The 30 plus Jammeat Al Fuqura compounds are a grave danger to our national security. I have been to several of the compounds and have met several of their members. They are a group of thousands, bound together to fight for an Islamic Ummah (nation) worldwide. They are planning and training for physical Jihad within their private camps. There is ample evidence to show their true intentions. Yet, U.S. law enforcement agencies ignore their actions. We need the top leadership of our country to denounce and criminalize them, but this will never happen with Obama in charge.

Ricardo Medina (Peru): Why is the U.S. government still supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, knowing that it funds many terrorist cells around the world?

 D. Gaubatz 

America stands behind Saudi Arabia through ignorance and for financial gain. Saudi Arabia pumps billions of dollars into the U.S. economy, and, as we know, Congressmen and Senators get a piece of the pie. Saudi Arabia is "Pure Islam." Sadly, our President is more Sharia compliant than he is a supporter of the U.S. Constitution. Saudi also controls much of our media, which includes Fox News. When you control the media, you control the actions of politicians.

Lisa Michelle, IE Moderator: As the first civilian Federal Agent deployed into Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, part of your mission was to identify weapons of mass destruction (WMD). You uncovered their sites, but the WMD were later taken by insurgents. Do you have any idea where they are now and how much of a current threat they pose to us?

 D. Gaubatz 

In April 2003, my team and I (a group of six U.S. Federal Agents) were deployed to southern Iraq to locate Saddam and his forces and to identify WMD sites for exploitation. We had numerous Iraqis near Nasiriyah, Iraq, who came forward and stated there were four primary WMD sites in southern Iraq. We went to each of these sites. 

Per the methods of Saddam, the WMD were buried deep beneath the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. You would need heavy equipment and numerous personnel to excavate them. We wrote our classified reports to the Iraq Survey Group (ISG), to top officials within DOD [Department of Defense] and the Pentagon, and to the White House.

We could not get anyone to respond to the sites and to excavate them. We were told there is a war going on and it was dangerous to travel to the locations we identified. We just shook our heads. The Iraqis had informed us that if we didn’t excavate the sites, Saddam Fedeyeen and insurgents would. They advised that the WMD would be shipped to Syria for safekeeping. Several Iraqis gave their lives to assist the U.S. in identifying WMD. Many lost their lives because they helped us. America let them down.

Lisa Michelle, IE Moderator: Then why were you and your team sent on a mission to uncover WMD in the first place? Failure to excavate them led many Americans to believe that the Bush administration had deceived them about a needless war.

D. Gaubatz 

The ISG (Iraq Survey Group) let Bush down. Top military knew the sites were never checked but sent reports to the White House stating that all sites were checked. Leaders on the ground in Iraq truly let down Bush.

Eulene Johnson (U.S.): Are there more terrorists in the U.S. than the average citizen knows about?

D. Gaubatz 

There are an estimated million plus Muslims in America who will support physical Jihad actions against America when the time comes and they are called into action. They represent all walks of life in America — doctors, engineers, college students, police officers, military, and politicians.

Prayingpat (U.S.): Is our present administration ignorant of Islam's goals or just fearful of them? Why is it that they think we can negotiate with those who are willing to die themselves in order to kill us? I just don't get it.

D. Gaubatz 

Our current administration is led by a man who is closer to Islam and Sharia law than he is the U.S. Constitution. Obama is a very smart man. He knows exactly what he is doing. Destroying America is at the top of his list. The best way to destroy a nation is from the inside. One of Obama’s top friends was Bill Ayers. He and his group (Weather Underground) tried to destroy our country in the sixties by bombing U.S. government buildings, such as military recruiting centers. Ayers is a mentor to Obama.

Obama and crew know you can’t negotiate with Islamic based terrorists and their supporters, but he also knows most Americans don’t realize this and do not understand the Islamic ideology. Obama plays into the hands of the naïve Americans by trying to negotiate with people who desire death before life.

Samanmal Bandara (Sri Lanka): It is clear that the holy book of Islam, the Qur'an, consists largely of human rights violations. Why then does the United Nations and international system of law still recognize Islam as a true religion, rather than banning it and labeling the Qur'an as a terrorist guide book?

D. Gaubatz 

The Qur'an and related Islamic material are filled with hate and violence. Islam has been dangerous and killing non-Muslims for over 1,400 years. One need only look around at the world to see the wars that involve Muslims. The only way to defeat Islam is to brand the Islamic ideology as a violent and dangerous form of government, and it must be criminalized. To do less is a sure way to lose our country.

Larry Estavan (U.S.): Can you provide us with more details about why you denounced Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, and Bridgette Gabriel?

D. Gaubatz 

First of all, I never mentioned any names in reference to the article I wrote about conservative non-profit organizations. I respect Spencer, Gaffney, and anyone who strives to educate Americans about the dangers of Islam. It is my belief that as a conservative non-profit organization your rights to fully explain the truth about Islam and politicians who support Islamic-based terrorists is limited. 

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the government organization that monitors 501 non-profit organizations. We all know the IRS is a tool for Obama. As a non-profit, there are strict limits about what you can say about politicians. You can’t support one over another. As a non-profit, your hands are tied by the IRS. 

Anyone who has ever been involved in a non-profit organization knows that they are money-making businesses. The leaders and employees of a non-profit make a very good living off of tax-exempt donors. Very little of the money goes into real work and research. A non-profit is more of a billboard with rantings about various issues.

I do not belong to any non-profits, and I have no limits on what I can say about Obama or Islamic-based terrorist organizations. The IRS does not control my actions. I conduct first-hand research of Islamic groups using my money and with small support from concerned Americans.

Nicolai Sennels (Denmark), Prior Guest Expert: How is Islam as an organization infiltrating the European Union?

D. Gaubatz 

Islam and Sharia law have taken over the countries of Europe. England, Germany, France, and others have already reached the point of no return. Sharia roots have already been accepted throughout Europe, and, once the tentacles of Sharia take hold, you will never rid yourself of its abuses. Sharia is like a terminal cancer. It just continues to spread, even if you conduct surgery to remove it. Sharia is terminal.

Luis Monge (Costa Rica): I recognize the threat from Islam in the West. Do you know anything about where sleeper cells are in Central and South America? Specifically, what Latin countries are importing Islam? 

D. Gaubatz 

Columbia and Peru are key points for Islamic sleeper cells and for Islamic narcotics suppliers. See Muslim Organizations in Latin America for more details.

Lisa Michelle, IE Moderator:  Israel is often blamed for the violence that has erupted in the Middle East — most recently with the Arab Spring — and for Islamic hostility towards the West due to its support for Israel. Is Israel really to blame for it and impeding our efforts towards peace, and why or why not? 

D. Gaubatz 

Israel and the Israeli people are America’s closest friends when it comes to our love of the Jewish people and for our national security. Israel is wedged between Islamic countries that have been terrorizing the Jewish people for over 1,400 years. There is absolutely nothing the Jewish people in Israel can do to be safe from Palestinian terrorists (Hamas and others).

Islam has taught innocent Muslim children for centuries that the Jewish people are their enemies. Innocent Muslim children often grow up to be martyrs for Islamic-based terrorists and Islam. I encourage every American to always stay and work with the people of Israel. If Israel were to fall, America would as well.

Israel, England, France, Russia, Germany, and dozens of other countries also have been attacked by Islamic-based terrorists. The attacks are not the fault of any one country or government. The attacks all come down to this: Islam is a violent and hate-filled ideology. "Pure Muslims," who follow Islam as it was dictated by Prophet Mohammed, kill Jews, Christians, and any race or culture of people who are non-Muslim. This is what is taught by Islamic scholars.

Even if Israel did not exist, there are still hundreds of millions of non-Muslims in the world of whom they would attack. The goal of Islam is to establish an Islamic Ummah (nation) all over the world to live under Sharia law. The Islamic ideology teaches that in order to establish a worldwide Ummah, the non-believers must be killed. I highly suggest non-Muslims support one another.

Lisa Michelle, IE Moderator: What, if anything, is Israel doing differently than we are in the U.S. to deal with terrorist cells? 

D. Gaubatz 

Israel has known the primary reason Muslims commit terrorists acts against them is because this is what they are taught to do by parents and Islamic leaders. The Israeli intelligence and investigative organizations fully understand that Muslim terrorists commit their murders in the name of Islam.

Dretch K (Israel): If counterterrorism is to be 100 percent effective, wouldn’t simply banning Islam be the way to go?

D. Gaubatz 

Criminalize Islam worldwide and we will have peace worldwide. This is the only way innocent people worldwide will not have to suffer the hate and violence within Islam. This may seem hard for some to digest, but it is reality.

Mark Diamond (U.S.): How likely is it that the U.S. will confront civil war/unrest in the near future? What role would jihadi infiltrators and Muslim terrorists have in this scenario? 

D. Gaubatz 

I have written papers on the likelihood of a civil war in America. I will attach a link to one, A Civil War in America,” from December 29, 2013. America is caught in a snare that likely will not be broken. There is actual hate against liberals and conservatives. The turning point of a civil war will happen if President Obama attempts to stay in office after his term ends in 2016. Millions of Americans will view this as the destruction of our U.S. Constitution. Millions of Americans will not allow this. Islam will play a large role. Obama is closer to the Muslim Brotherhood than he is to U.S. law. Islamic fighters will fight for Obama and the collapse of America. This is what Islamic scholars desire.

Mark Diamond (U.S.): How can we prevent this outcome from taking place?

D. Gaubatz 

When it comes down to the point that Americans feel the U.S. Constitution has been abolished by liberals, there will be a civil war. The only way to prevent a civil war is if conservative Americans perceive that liberals love America and support the Constitution. This will not happen, so the only conclusion is for another civil war in America.

Christopher Logan (U.S.), President of North American Infidels & Creator of Logan's Warning: Do you think we will win this war if we do not end Muslim immigration and ban Islam?

D. Gaubatz 

America can’t win any war if our government leaders do not name the enemy. The enemy is the Islamic ideology itself — not Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. These terrorist groups are just fall-outs of Islam. America must view the Islamic ideology as evil. This will not happen, and we will see fighting in America with brother against brother, and father against sons.

Lisa Michelle, IE Moderator: How then do you suggest that we prepare for such an event?

D. Gaubatz 

The best way to prepare for a civil war is to support pro-Constitutional organizations. In addition, the American people should have in storage large amounts of food, water, guns/ ammunition, and items to barter/trade with. There will be no winners in a civil war, but I believe there is no way America can avoid one.

Lisa Michelle, IE Moderator: Thank you for what has been a riveting and extremely eye-opening segment. And, of course, thank for your invaluable expertise. We would also like to thank our panelists for their thought-provoking questions and to stress the need for our readers to share this vital interview with their family and friends. 

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P. Dave Gaubatz and Paul Sperry

Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America has arrived at a significant time in our country’s political history. It has all the elements of a top-flight mystery novel but the situations and conversations are absolutely real. The book’s frightening allegations are well supported by more than twelve thousand pages of confidential internal CAIR documents and hundreds of hours of videotape secretly extracted by an unprecedented undercover operation. 

This trail of information reveals the insidious and well-funded efforts of the seditious Muslim Brotherhood under the nonprofit guise of CAIR — the Council of American Islamic Relations — to fully support the international jihad against the United States, with the goal of destroying American society from within. They hope to accomplish this through terrorist activities, fraud, and infiltration of our political and intelligence systems, which these documents clearly reveal.

Follow Dave Gaubatz’s son Chris as he courageously gains the trust of CAIR’s inner sanctum, working undercover as David Marshall, a converted and devoted follower of the Muslim religion. Chris discovers incredibly disturbing information: Which politicians are given money by CAIR. How Capitol Hill staffers are strategically placed by CAIR. Why FBI bonuses are paid to agents who are nice to CAIR. Why our government is afraid to reveal what they really know about CAIR. How CAIR has compromised our intelligence systems. How CAIR is secretly working with government officials to ban the Patriot Act to make future attacks against our country even easier. And the list goes on.

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Stay tuned for details about our next "Ask the Expert"

UPDATED: May 12, 2016  |  UPDATED: May 13, 2016 

American Bikers United Against Jihad (ABUAJ) responds to four biased hit pieces about it and its ride by the radical left-wing newspaper, The Daily Star . . .

Hate Fear Media Bias
Credit: ABUAJ


Apparently, The Daily Star is more intent on manipulating the public view with a sensational, skewed narrative that breeds hate, hostility, discord, and unwarranted fear than it is on reporting the truth. While the second and third are more provocative than the first and the last, its April 4, 2016 article, “Biker Group Plans Rally Against Local Muslims,” April 12, 2016 oped, “In Our Opinion: Islamberg Deserves Our Support,” by an unidentified author, May 1, 2016 report, “Islamberg Spokesman: Stand Up Against Hate,” and May 6, 2016 story, “Local Police Brace for Biker Rally at Muslim Hamlet,” about our group, “American Bikers United Against Jihad” (ABUAJ), read more like hit pieces than news.

Caution: You have just entered the Twilight Zone . . .

By turning reality on its head and brandishing ABUAJ— an educational, humanitarian group of concerned patriotic Americans from all walks of life that strives to raise public awareness about the very real threat of terrorist cells and jihad in our country — as the arbitrator of hate, public attention and scrutiny are diverted away from the real cause and threat, the true victims of violence and hate are easily silenced and dismissed, and the genuine sources of violence and hate emerge as both victors and victims, while risking the safety and lives of all Americans.

As purveyors of biased misinformation, hate, propaganda, and fear, rather than information and facts, the media, by and large, represents one of the greatest security threats we currently face in Western society. Such is the case with The Daily Star, a daily morning newspaper based out of Oneonta, New York, which has painted our group with broad sweeping strokes that warp the public’s view of reality to the extent that we as the messenger have become the news, the story itself, and the target of its attack.

Islamberg in Hancock, New York | Credit: ABUAJ

Our initial contact with The Daily Star was with its staff writer Joe Mahoney, who emailed us for details about our May 15th “Ride for National Security” passed Islamberg, a 70-acre Muslim enclave or "settlement" located in the Catskill Mountains of Hancock, New York. Headquarters to the Muslims of the Americas (MOA), it was the first of between 22 to 35 of its kind to operate under that umbrella in the U.S. It is also the headquarters of the International Qur'anic Open University (IQOU) and the United Muslim Christian Forum. By many accounts, the group is linked to the terrorist organization Jamaat ul-Fuqra in Pakistan (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here — to name just of few of many additional sources).

Like MOA, Jamaat ul-Fuqra (or “Community of the Impoverished”) was founded by the terrorist and Pakistani cleric Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani (aka “Jilani”), who the American journalist Daniel Pearl attempted to interview in Pakistan before he was abducted and later beheaded in 2002. Although he has vehemently and repeatedly denied any connection to it, he is irrefutably identified as the founder and leader of Jamaat ul-Fuqra in Appendix B of the 1999 U.S. Department of State report, Patterns of Global Terrorism, which describes it as a terrorist organization that “seeks to purify Islam through violence” and has ties to numerous terrorist cells located in North America and the Caribbean. Its members refer to themselves as “Soldiers of Allah.”

Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, head of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a terrorist organization that goes by the name of Muslims of the Americas | The Clarion Project

The report also links members of Jamaat ul-Fuqra to the purchase of isolated “rural compounds” in North America, to dozens of terrorist acts against those who they regard as enemies of Islam — including Muslim apostates and Hindus — and cites that U.S. members have been “convicted of crimes, including murder and fraud.” Other reports link ul-Fuqra and Gilani to a “network of 45 paramilitary training camps in the US and Canada,” as well as to Al Qaeda (see here and here).

None of this is addressed in The Daily Star’s four pieces about us and our ride. Nor is the fact that numerous think-tank and watchdog organizations — such as The Clarion Project and the Anti Defamation League (ADL) — have designated MOA as an extremist and a virulently anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American, and homophobic front group for the Islamic terrorist organization Jamaat ul-Fuqra, whose leader and members, in their own words, have promoted violence against these other groups (also see herehere, here, and here).

Instead, The Daily Star asserts the position to stand by the members of MOA at Islamberg, which is a mantra repeated again and again like a line of refrain from a poem, in “Islamberg Deserves Our Support,” its oped that oddly neglects to disclose the author . . .

We stand with Islamberg.

This is the message we would like American Bikers United Against Jihad to hear on May 15, if they bring their message of hate to the local area during what they are calling a 'Ride for National Security.'

We do not stand with these people.

We stand with Islamberg. . . .

In attempting to silence discourse and advocacy for political action, The Daily Star takes an isolated incident against MOA members at Islamberg to portray them as victims and to unfairly pigeonhole ABUAJ as haters, when nothing is further than the truth. This is first conveyed by Mahoney’s following email to us but repeated again in all of The Daily Star’s pieces about us and our ride . . .

To organizer(s) of the May 15 event near Islamberg --

I am a reporter for The Daily Star newspaper in Oneonta, NY. Delaware County falls within our coverage area. I recently learned of the "Ride for National Security" event planned for May 15.

Is there a representative of your group whom I could interview?

Please provide me with a telephone contact, or call me at the number below.

Also, please provide me with any estimates you may have of the number of people planning to attend, and whether you have heard from any law enforcement entitities [sic] regarding the plans.

I have also covered very recent litigatioin [sic] by Muslims of America against Robert Doggart et al. If you would like to comment on that, we culd [sic] discuss that as well. [Emphases added]

Thank you,

Joseph Mahoney

The Daily Star

Oneonta, NY

At first glance, it appears rather straightforward and benign, but we were immediately struck when we reached Mahoney’s last two lines about Robert Doggart as a glaring red flag of his own possible bias.

For those unfamiliar with Doggart, he ran for Tennessee's fourth U.S. congressional district in 2014 as an independent candidate. He was later arrested in May of 2015 and indicted by a federal grand jury in July of 2015 for plotting to burn down buildings and kill Muslims in Islamberg, New York.

As we explicitly stressed to Mahoney in our emailed response below, there is absolutely no association between ABUAJ, the “criminal” case and conduct of Robert Doggart, and the purpose of our Ride for National Security passed Islamberg . . .

Dear Mr. Mahoney,

It immediately concerned us that you referenced the Robert Doggart et. al matter, when there is absolutely no comparable parallel between our peaceful objective for the ride and his criminal conduct. We have been extremely clear in our promotion of the ride that our sole purpose is educational only, and we do not condone infringing upon anyone's rights whatsoever.

While we are more than glad to speak to you about our ride, we would appreciate your objectivity, journalist integrity, and assurance that you have not already cast us in the same negative light as was warranted by Robert Doggart's actions.

We look forward to your response.


Ram, Co-founder ABUAJ

Our effort was of little consequence. Although he went through the motions to contact both sides for a seemingly “balanced” approach, it is abundantly clear that Mr. Mahoney, who never replied, had little interest in communicating with us beyond our initial exchange. Nor has he shown a particular interest in reporting our comments with the objectivity, intellectual honesty, and journalistic integrity that we had requested from him.

That same day, April 4 (and without our consent to publish our email to him), Mahoney took creative liberty to exploit our message and intent and released his piece, “Biker Group Plans Rally Against Local Muslims.” Similarly, on May 6, 2016 he sent us the following email requesting our comments for another “news” story that he purportedly was still in the throws of “preparing” but had not yet sent to press.

Screenshot of Joe Mahoney's Email to ABUAJ on May 6, 2016 at 3:42 p.m.
Screenshot of Joe Mahoney's Email to ABUAJ on May 6, 2016 at 3:42 p.m.

The Problem with Mahoney’s request is that The Daily Star specifically promotes itself as a “daily morning newspaper,” but he asked us for our comments at 3:42 p.m. on May 6, presumably after his story already was printed. For this reason, we were slightly put off when we read in his piece that “[a] representative of American Bikers United Against Jihad did not respond to an email request from The Daily Star for comment on this story.” Neither did he to us.

Daily Star May 6, 2016 Article

The next day, May 7, 2016, we followed up with the email below to inquire about Mahoney’s deadline for press.

Screenshot of the header of Joe Mahoney's May 6, 2016 Article about ABUAJ's Ride
Screenshot of May 7, 2016 ABUAJ Email to Joe Mahoney

It is no wonder Mahoney failed to respond. Nor is his somewhat alarming title, “Local Police Brace for Biker Rally at Muslim Hamlet,” which he clarifies when he explains that police will be braced for potential problems from traffic but not for “public safety concerns.”

The organizers of the event,” Mahoney writes, “have been using Facebook and YouTube to spread information about the ride. Their postings repeat unsubstantiated reports by the Christian Action Network, a right-wing group, that residents of Islamberg and other Muslim settlements in this country are poised to wage ‘violent jihad against innocent Americans.’"

Does Mahoney even bother to fact check his sources, or does he rely solely upon the opinions and comments he requests by email but sometimes fails to obtain?

National Security is A Nonpartisan Issue | Credit: ABUAJ
National Security is A Nonpartisan Issue | Credit: ABUAJ

Mahoney’s statements above regurgitate the same talking points that are espoused by MOA and the April 12th oped. By labeling and demonizing the Christian Action Network (CAN) a “right-wing group,” he reduces our national security to no more than a partisan issue and discredits the veracity of our sourced information but without supporting his own claims with sourced information himself. This is an insult to our intelligence, as well as to his readers, and a typical tactic employed by the radical left-wing press (a term we use flippantly here to stress the flagrant hypocrisy) to marginalize and silence the truth. It is also discriminatory, hateful, and tremendously shoddy, irresponsible journalism that misleads the public with false information that could imperil the safety of the public he is supposed to serve and begs the question: What standard does Mahoney apply to substantiate his own reports?

The April 12th oped is even further reaching when it states that ABUAJ’s claims are “tired” and derived from “arch-conservative videos and articles found online.” Does the fact that information may or may not be obtained from a conservative source or the “far-right-wing media,” as the oped implies, make it any less true and substantive?

“And it is our hope,” the oped contends, while lodging what could be perceived as a veiled threat at our group,

that anyone else who stands with Islamberg will be waiting for the American Bikers United Against Jihad when their 'Ride for National Security' pulls up to the gates of the hamlet.

It is our hope that this protest against what can only be described as a peaceful enclave is greeted with a counter-protest demonstrating that the people of our area, particularly those in Hancock and Deposit, stand with Islamberg.

There is still some good that could come from this whole thing. If the riders who might travel to Delaware County in May have the opportunity to see for themselves that Islamberg is not the bogeyman depicted by the far-right-wing media, perhaps they will leave with a more enlightened view of the whole thing.

Are the FBI and State and Justice Departments far right-wing, arch-conservative sources, since there is an abundance of primary source records from them that substantiates both CAN’s and our reports, but The Daily Star must not have bothered to check first.

Of course, the best defense is always a better offense, as is exhibited in a 2013 MOA propaganda video, Targeting Islam and Muslims in America, which accuses “front organizations” for Israel (a code word for Jews)  — such as Martin Mawyer’s organization CAN and the Klu Klux Klan — of spreading “Islamophobia” and conspiring to destroy Muslims, among other things.

It is also plausible to surmise that Mahoney’s false portrayal of us has unduly provoked the involvement of the NAACP, which will be busing protesters from Oneonta to Islamberg for our ride. According to Mahoney, a retired political science professor at the State University College at Oneonta, has been “working with the Oneonta chapter of the NAACP in countering the biker [ABUAJ’s] rally.”

This is further elaborated upon in The Daily Star's May 1, 2016 “news” story, “Islamberg Spokesman: Stand Up Against Hate,” by Jessica Reynolds, who reported on an event that was held at the Unitarian Universalist Society in Oneonta and hosted by officials of the local chapter of the NAACP to “dispel” misconceptions about MOA and “show support for area Muslims.” Unlike Mahoney, she never approached us for comments, but — quoting Rashid (“Carl”) Clark, the mayor of the Muslim enclave, Islamberg, and the statements of NAACP officials — she echoes the same "tired" details about Doggart and unfounded claims about us and our ride . . .

The biker group has asserted that Islamberg is a training site for those aspiring to wage jihad, and says the rally is intended to be 'educational.'

But people should not be singled out and targeted for who they are or what they believe in, according to Regina Betts, vice president of Oneonta’s chapter of the NAACP. Because of this, Betts said, plans are in the works for area supporters to assemble alongside members of Islamberg on May 15 so that the bikers will see a peaceful and united front as they drive by.

'We’re doing this in order to assure our neighbors in Islamberg that we are not going to be silent, and that we are not going to tolerate hatred,' Betts told the audience. 'The main thing is that we fight discrimination and that we do it peacefully.'



'There are more children than there are adults on Islamberg,' Clark told the audience Sunday. 'So when people [like Doggart] threaten to come and chop us up with machetes, they’re mainly threatening children. ...On May 15, when the bikers claim they’re going to drive by, we hope to stand against hate.'"

It is important to note that our ride is not a “rally” or “protest,” as it has been improperly dubbed by The Daily Star. ABUAJ is comprised of law-abiding individual American bikers and citizens — most of whom are parents, veterans, and professionals with children, families, and jobs to uphold — and our message too is of peace through national security. Mahoney, Reynolds, and, respectively, The Daily Star have unnecessarily put them at risk by stoking the flames of hate, anger, and fear with their own glaring bias and propaganda.

Granted, Mahoney’s recent story is less inflammatory than his first, “Biker Group Plans Rally Against Local Muslims,” but both essentially cover the same erroneous grounds, and he misleads the public about the nature and goal of our ride by stating in both that “[t]he group has been . . . billing [emphasis added] it as a ‘Ride for National Security.’"

It first must be said that our group is not “against” Muslims, as the above title denotes, which sets the overall tone, once again suggesting Mahoney’s own inherent bias, not that of ABUAJ. Nowhere in any promotions about our ride do we subscribe to this view, and we are not merely “billing” it as a “Ride for National Security.” It is a ride for national security.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, which was removed from the U.S. State Department’s list of foreign terrorist groups after 2000, has been linked to dozens of murders, assassinations, and bombings across the U.S. and abroad, including the 1993 planned World Trade Center bombing, the shoe bomber Richard Reid, the convicted D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad, and a hotel bombing in Portland, Oregon.

Although the MOA compounds are not identified by name in the Patterns of Global Terrorism report, a 2005 Homeland Security report directly links it and its compounds to Jamaat ul-Fuqra. This was further confirmed during the 1993 trial of Glen Ford, an ul-Fuqra terrorist involved in a 1991 bomb plot in Canada who testified that Gilani convinced the U.S. branch to change its name to MOA.

Similarly, a 2006 intelligence report by the Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC), which was funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, makes no distinction, stating that Jamaat ul -Fuqra receives significant funding for terrorist operations from MOA and its offshoot, IQOU, which, like MOA, was founded by Gilani as a U.S. nonprofit organization.

As illustrated by the ROCIC report tables above, white-collar crimes, as well as drug trafficking of narcotics, are major sources of revenue for Jamaat ul-Fuqra's terrorist activities, and front companies, such as Professional Securities International (PSI), are established to launder and transfer funds to Jilani in Pakistan.
As illustrated by the ROCIC report tables above, white-collar crimes, as well as drug trafficking of narcotics, are major sources of revenue for Jamaat ul-Fuqra's terrorist activities, and front companies, such as Professional Securities International (PSI), are established to launder and transfer funds to Jilani in Pakistan.

When Gilani first formed Jamaat ul-Fuqra in 1980, he reportedly began “preaching against Western culture” at Al-Farooq Mosque in Brooklyn, New York, and “primarily targeted black American Muslim converts from the inner city, mostly those with criminal backgrounds.” According to the ROCIC report, there are currently at least 35 suspected Jamaat ul-Fuqra communes with over 3,000 members throughout the U.S. Islamberg in Hancock, New York, is identified as the first of them to be established by Gilani and his American recruits. Their structure is described as typical of “classically structured terrorist cells” and its members as terrorist extremist — but more on this later and back to our ride and Mahoney’s first hit piece on us . . .

Again, our May 15th Ride for National Security passed Islamberg is not a “protest” or “rally,” as it has been falsely and unfairly dubbed by The Daily Star. It is one of many other peaceful and lawful methods that ABUAJ has chosen to educate the American public about the ever-increasing threat of terrorism in America and abroad, and, in this particular case, to proactively advocate for the State Department to reclassify groups such as Jamaat al-Fuqra as foreign terrorist organizations to safeguard our homeland and Americans of all stripes — Muslims and non-Muslims included.

To be fair, it would be remiss not to mention that Mahoney included most of our initial email to him in his first story about our ride. Nevertheless, by taking our statements out of the proper context — juxtaposing them to his statements about Doggart, as is done in all four of The Daily Star pieces about us — he has distorted our genuine intentions, inflaming an undeserved climate of hate and fear. His titles alone connote bias, conjuring pejorative stereotypical images of American bikers and fueling the flames of animus for future relations between us, the Hancock community, and American Muslims in general.

Obviously, our group and our ride are not against Muslims, local or otherwise. Rather, we stand in solidarity with American Muslims and non-Muslims alike against the very real threat of terrorism, which is an issue that should concern and unite every American.

Mahoney later contends that the organizer of the ride “sought to put distance between the organization and Doggart,” when, in reality, the need to do so would not even be an issue if he had not brought up the subject himself to begin with, most egregiously placing ABUAJ in the same context and light as Doggart. Like the gift that keeps giving, it is a theme that he and his newspaper resound each and every time the topic crops up.

Suffice it to say, Mahoney and his colleagues and friends at The Daily Star seem to have had their own agenda in mind all along to instill in the people of Hancock, New York, a sense of unwarranted fear with a fallacious, hate-filled message about ABUAJ and our ride and with a not-so-subtle association between us and Doggart, when no such connection exists.

"Muslims of America," Mahoney goes on to write in his first story, "in announcing the lawsuit against Doggart, noted that 2015 was ‘a violent year for American Muslims amid increased Islamophobia.'” No doubt it was, but it had little to do with a rise in “Islamophobia.”

While the statistical verdict is still out for 2015, the latest FBI hate crime statistics from 2014 show that the largest group of victims from religiously motivated hate crimes was Jewish, making up 56.8 percent of the total victims compared to 16.1 percent of religiously motivated crimes against Muslim victims, which is a 40.7 percent difference. Unfortunately, MOA leaders have a long, documented history of promoting such hate against Jews themselves (also see here and here). This is aptly conveyed in a September 2002 MOA propaganda video, which was written by Sheikh Gilani, produced by IQOU at Islamberg, New York, with the Directorate of Information of the MOA, and later obtained by The Clarion Project.

As depicted below, MOA accuses the “Zionist media” of “releasing a reign of media terror to destroy the American Muslims” and of a conspiracy to destroy the world. In other MOA and IQOU literature and propaganda, which are documented in official law-enforcement reports, the Jews are compared to “Satan,” and Gilani has been caught on film at what was referred to in one official report as a “roundtable of terrorists” that included Osama Bin Laden chanting, “down, down with the USA! Down, down with the CIA,” and “death to the Jews” (see here, here, and here for examples). The film now remains in the CIA’s possession as part of the dossier on bin Laden, which is known as the “Alex File.”

Screen-captured Images of the Last Few Clips of MOA's Propaganda Video
Screen-captured Images of the Last Few Clips of MOA's Propaganda Video

Either way, violent Islamic terrorist attacks against Muslims and non-Muslims alike have risen exponentially throughout the world, and MOA is correct to point out that Muslims make up the majority of its victims. The National Counterterrorism Center found that in 2011 alone Muslims themselves suffered between 82 and 97 percent of the fatalities related to Islamic terrorism, but that figure is significantly higher than recorded in most other and more recent reports (see here, here, and here). Figures on Islamic terrorism against Muslims, or any other religious group for that matter, are somewhat sketchy, since reporting methodologies and data collection are generally based on news reports and aggregated according to geographical regions and terrorist groups rather than by religion.

We also are in full agreement with Mahoney when he relays a March 21 statement by MOA, noting that "Muslims of America declared: 'We must use all legal means available to stop the terrorization of people based on their faiths for any reason.'" This is precisely the same reason ABUAJ is hosting a ride that focuses on national security — to improve upon law enforcement’s ability to uphold and enforce our nation’s laws. In fact, to assure the safety and peace of mind of everyone concerned — so that no faith or group from either ABUAJ or the community of Hancock at large feels the slightest bit threatened — we have been in direct communication with the local New York State Police department, who will be present during our ride passed Islamberg.

Even before the second hit piece about us was released by The Daily Star, we had already posted and promoted guidelines for our May 15th ride. As is illustrated below, our ride is not a rally or protest but for educational purposes only. ABUAJ will be riding passed Islamberg on a public state road that runs perpendicular to Muslim Lane, where the complex is located, but we will neither be stopping at its entrance nor trespassing on its property. We have instructed all participants that Islamberg is a private, gated commune and that women and children reside there and to be mindful and respectful of that.

Posted Guidelines for ABUAJ's May 15, 2015 Ride for National Security
Posted Guidelines for ABUAJ's May 15, 2015 Ride for National Security

Up to this point, Mahoney might have had one or two valid points, but his argument goes sorely awry as he continues,

Muslims of America describes itself as a population of primarily African American Sunni Muslims. the group says it has a long history of fighting against disinformation about its activities.

Following the assault on various sites in Paris last November, the head of Muslims of America, Hussein Adams, issued a statement declaring his group has no affiliation with the Islamic State and condemned its activities.

'Muslims are not terrorists, we are the No. 1 victims of terrorists,' Adams said then.

'Muslims are being slaughtered by these people who are perpetrating their devastation in the name of Islam in order to instigate chaos in the world. And yet, here at home in America, Islamophobes are wasting time harassing American Muslims who have not harmed anyone. The American Muslim community has co-existed here peacefully for decades.'

It is here where both Mahoney and the head of MOA, Hussein Adams — as well as MOA's Mayor, who Reynolds’ quotes in her story — begin to whitewash some of the more painful realities of terrorism, jihad in America, and the history of MOA itself. We cannot overlook this without correcting the record.

First, as noted above, we understand and agree that Muslims are the primary victims of Islamic terrorism, which, based on terminology alone, discredits the notion proclaimed by MOA that Muslims are not terrorists. Second, ABUAJ never once associated MOA with ISIS, which makes its above-quoted contention an irrelevant, mute issue. Third, we reject the entire premise of Islamophobia, which is akin to the pot calling the kettle black after MOA’s long, sordid history of hatred towards other groups.

Photo Credit: ABUAJ
Photo Credit: ABUAJ

“Islamophobia” is a term that was first derived and promoted in the early 1990s by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood. As the think tank Discover the Networks explains in “Politics of ‘Islamophobia,’” the term was expanded upon and promoted after 9/11 by groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist fundraising trial in U.S. history, U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development et al — and has been used “as a weapon to advance a totalitarian cause by stigmatizing critics and silencing them.” Its suffix, "phobia," connotes an unwarranted, exaggerated sense of fear, but, in this instance, the realities of Islamic terrorism are not based on either unfounded fear or the discrimination of Muslims.

Yet, it stands to reason that MOA also would casually wave around and promote the term like CAIR. After all, its general counsel, Tahirah Amatul Wadud, was recently appointed to the board of the Massachusetts chapter of CAIR. As reported by Ryan Mauro, National Security Analyst for The Clarion Project,

Wadud reportedly posted an article by MOA's Pakistan-based leader, Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, on her Facebook claiming the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) is a puppet of the British government and a Jewish conspiracy perpetrated the attacks on Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2001 [sic] The Clarion Project was the first to report on the inflammatory article."

'There was no need for America to go to war against Hitler. Hitler was not the enemy of America or the American people. There was a mutual animosity between Hitler and the Jews. So, the American people paid a very heavy price for fighting someone else’s war,' Gilani wrote.

It is unconscionable that MOA  — with a Judeophobic leader who reduces the Holocaust to an anti-Semitic Jewish conspiracy based on his own hatred and unrealistic fear of the Jewish people — would have the temerity to cast stones, when its own counsel and representative parrots the same toxic venom as him at the Jews.

Our group, on the other hand, does not discriminate on the basis of religion. The focus of our Ride for National Security passed Islamberg is not against Muslims. It is about Islamic terrorism, and we are against the actions of the individuals and groups who carry it out. Needless to say, not all Muslims are terrorists, and our focus would be exactly the same if Jamaat ul-Fuqra was a Nazi organization comprised of mainly Christians, Buddhists, and Jewish members, white supremacist members of the Klu Klux Klan, or, as it is in this case, Muslim members.

As a matter a fact, over a dozen North American Muslim organizations joined The Clarion Project to urge the U.S. Department of State to designate Jamaat ul-Fuqra a foreign terrorist organization, stating,

As Muslims concerned about Islamist terrorism, we urge the U.S. State Department to label the Pakistani militant group, Jamaat ul-Fuqra, as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. We are alarmed that this group, operating under various names like Muslims of the Americas (MOA), says it has 22 “Islamic villages” in the U.S. and Canada.

We stand in solidarity with them. If MOA has no connection to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, as it has repeatedly claimed, it has no reason whatsoever to feel harassed and discriminated against and should in fact welcome and join our May 15th ride to designate it as a foreign terrorist organization and stand in solidarity with us, The Clarion Project, and the other North American Muslim groups.

ABUAJ recognizes that the majority of Muslims are peaceful. We also understand that Muslims are by far the largest victims of not only Islamic terrorism but also of subjugation and abuse. Regardless, the risks remain the same. Today, the largest worldwide terrorist threat that we face comes from Islamic terrorism. Whether it be from many or just a few, the number is inconsequential. It is not in America’s interest to ignore and fail to raise public awareness about it, and we believe it is our human obligation to shed light on this highly serious topic, albeit often unpopular and politically incorrect.

We therefore welcome and urge American Muslims to take a stand against hate and terror and to join us in raising awareness about American safety and peace through strong homeland security. Unless the U.S. State Department reclassifies Jamaat ul-Fuqra as an international terrorist organization, the FBI is unable to act proactively and protect all Americans from the threats that it may pose to our safety.

Islamic Terrorist Networking Map | Credit: US Centers for Islamic Activity
Islamic Terrorist Networking Map | Credit: US Centers for Islamic Activity

At the time of ROCIC’s 2006 intelligence report, there were at least 35 suspected Jamaat ul-Fuqra communes, along with Islamberg, and at least a dozen members of the organization had been convicted of terrorism, including conspiracy to commit murder, firebombing, and gun smuggling. Its members also are suspected in 10 unsolved assassinations and 17 bombings that have occurred since 1980.

There is strong evidence to support that Jamaat ul-Fuqra communes in North America and Canada have been used for covert paramilitary training and activity, including the Muslim enclave of Islamberg in Hancock, New York. According to ATF Special Agent Thomas P. Gallagher’s September 28, 2001 court testimony, “Individuals from the organization [MOA] are trained in Hancock, N.Y., and if they pass the training in Hancock, N.Y., are then sent to Pakistan for training in paramilitary and survivalist training by Mr. Gilani. . . . “

This is further confirmed by raw footage, Jihad USA: Muslim Terror Training, Hancock, New York, which was obtained by The Clarion Project from a law-enforcement source and produced and released in 2009 by PRB Films and the CAN. It is believed to be from the year 2000.

In October 2013, The Clarion Project released two more videos, Guerilla Training of Women at Islamberg, Hancock, N.Y., headquarters of Muslims of the Americas, which is believed to be from January 28, 2000, and Gilani’s 2002 MOA propaganda video, Muslims of the Americas Propaganda: America is a Muslim Country, as shown earlier above. Their titles are self-explanatory.

As a matter a fact, Mauro of The Clarion Project recently appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and highlighted a clip from the first.

A groundbreaking 2009 documentary, Homegrown Jihad, which has been deemed as an “arch-conservative source” by The Daily Star, features an ul-Fuqra recruitment and training video from the 1980s that captures Gilani himself boasting about the success of his international organization, “Soldiers of Allah” (SOA), and its 22 U.S.-based MOA compounds. This rare footage also shows his followers on behalf of MOA training in Islamic guerrilla warfare, including tactical training in firearms, kidnapping, murder, and explosives, and its American members receiving instructions to “Act like you are a friend, and then kill him, just like from the book [the Quran].”

This sharply contrasts Mahoney’s denial when he quotes MOA’s attorney, Tahirah Clark, stating,

'[T]he assertions by the biker group that Islamberg is a training site for those aspiring to wage jihad is consistent with "the false statements that are prevalent on the internet," and claiming himself that it is in “direct contradiction of assurances from law enforcement officials that there is no known evidence of any paramilitary training taking place at Islamberg, located near Hancock.”

The same claim is made in the April 12th oped, when the unidentified author writes, “. . . we do not have to make that judgment for ourselves. Local law enforcement officials and a representative of the FBI have affirmed that there is no evidence of terrorist activity at Islamberg.” This has not always been the case.

ROCIC Terrorist activity
Source: Regional Organized Crime Information Center 2016 Report

Inasmuch as MOA has attempted to distance itself from its long history, “fighting against disinformation about its activities," we are perplexed about the nature of the disinformation to which it refers. Once again, there is strong primary-source evidence, FBI reports included, to support that Jamaat ul-Fuqra communes in North America have in fact been used for covert paramilitary training and terrorist activities.

One such substantiated case was an ul-Fuqra compound in Buena Vista, Colorado, where a 1992 raid by federal authorities uncovered a stockpile of firearms, explosive devices, forged documents, military manuals, and data on potential targets that traced back to ul-Fuqra (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). Authorities also uncovered a storage locker containing an array of explosives in Colorado, Springs. Footage of photographs from it and also of the Islamberg commune were recently aired in February of 2016 on Newsmax TV.

A 2007 FBI report obtained as part of an investigation by The Clarion Project and ACT! For America Houston definitively links an MOA compound in Mahmoudberg, Texas, to Jamaat ul-Fuqra and terrorism. As cited by Mauro, the report states,

'The documented propensity for violence by this organization supports the belief the leadership of the MOA extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad or holy war against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. Government. Members of the MOA are encouraged to travel to Pakistan to receive religious and military/terrorist training from Sheikh Gilani.'

The document also says that, 'The MOA is now an autonomous organization which possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.'

Mauro adds that member activity is not confined to the Mahmoudberg compound and that “[t]he FBI documents obtained by Clarion Project clearly identify MOA as a terrorist organization. The Department of Homeland Security privately agreed in 2005, listing Jamaat ul-Fuqra (and specifically MOA) as a possible sponsor of a terrorist attack on the U.S.”

ROCIC currently reports that activity has been detected in at least 12 other locations within its jurisdiction. Law enforcement, it notes, is aware of at least the following seven U.S.-based Jamaat ul-Fuqra communes used as paramilitary-training facilities: Marion, Alabama; Commerce, Georgia; Macon, Georgia; Talihina, Oklahoma; York County, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee; and Red House, Virginia.

Source: Regional Organized Crime Information Center 2016 Report (p. 4)
Source: Regional Organized Crime Information Center 2016 Report (p. 4)

Evidence also shows that there have been numerous reports of abuse by MOA members themselves (see here and here). However, unless the State Department reclassifies Jamaat ul-Fuqra as a foreign terrorist organization, the FBI’s hands are essentially tied. It is unable to freeze its funds, seize its property and assets in the U.S., stop its U.S. members from providing material support to it, deport them, and prevent other foreign members from entering our country to perpetrate terrorist attacks and other crimes in America.

Unlike The Daily Star, our information is rooted in primary-source evidence — not opinions and spin — that is based on records, reports, and raw videotaped footage from decades-long research and protracted investigations by counter-terrorist experts, the FBI, and other U.S. law enforcement agencies. Yet, stunningly, it has taken an anti-American stance against our national security to stand on the side of Islamic terrorism under the fictitious banner of standing by MOA and Islamberg but apparently not by the rest of the American people.

Media Sping Creates Climate of Hate and Fear
Media Spin Creates Climate of Hate and Fear

While proclaiming to stand against hate, The Daily Star, its writers, and friends have concocted a false narrative and taken aim against ABUAJ, portraying us as a hate group to deligitimize us and our message, stifle political discourse and action, and thwart our educational goal to raise public awareness about the genuine modern-day threat that American Muslims and non-Muslims face from homegrown Islamic terrorism. In doing so, they have stirred a cauldron of unnecessary hatred and fear. It would be all the wiser if in the future they did their due diligence before they defamed ABUAJ and other groups with baseless comparisons, libelous characterizations, and sensationalized “reports” that promote themselves and sell papers but incite anger, hatred and discord, and frighten the public — perhaps most especially the women and children who live at Islamberg in Hancock, New York.

ABUAJ Stands by All Americans
ABUAJ Stands by All Americans

By contrast, we stand on the side of right in support of The Clarion Project with over a dozen North American Muslim organizations who also have called on the State Department to reclassify Jamaat ul-Fuqra as a foreign terrorist organization.

We stand with the thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims, whose voices have been silenced in large part by a dishonest, complicit left-wing press that seems more intent on political correctness than it does on reporting accurate news and upholding the safety and lives of innocent Americans.

We welcome the American Muslim community to join us, stand by them too, and help us in our educational mission for the safety and security of all Americans.

UPDATE (May 13, 2016):  After forwarding this press release to The Daily Star, we were contacted by its Assistant Editor to clear up "misconceptions" about our group and ride. However, we had already been in contact with a reporter, Lillian Browne, of The Reporter, who corrected the record.

2016 Ride for National Security Flyer Rev. 3 Enlarged
2016 Ride for National Security | Credit: ABUAJ

Special thanks and credit to The Clarion Project and Christian Action Network for providing a wealth of resources with their groundbreaking research . . .



ABUAJ Ride for National Security. American Bikers United Against Jihad (ABUAJ), January 23, 2016. YouTube Video.

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By Lisa Michelle

This Friday night Megyn Kelly, the darling of Fox News and host of The Kelly File, pulled the stunt of her career when she singled out and railed on the 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump about the Obama-as-a-Muslim question, proving once and for all that indeed she is no journalist and no more than an entertainer or (dare we say?) another pretty Fox News’ face.

Here is a clip from Kelly's Friday night show of her interview with Andy Dean, the former head of Trump Productions:

The question is perfectly legitimate and has been raised and addressed by many American voters.

After all, Hillary Clinton first brought up the issue during her 2008 presidential campaign, when the following photo was circulated by her own campaign.

Obama in Kenya

In this 2006 file photo, then-Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., right, is dressed as a Somali Elder by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan, left, during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya, near the borders with Somalia and Ethiopia. (AP Photo, File)

Yet, one would be hard-pressed to distinguish Kelly's stunningly biased performance from CNN'S Anderson Cooper, when he also interviewed Andy Dean on Thursday.


Like Megyn Kelly, Cooper discredits the Muslim question and not only attacks Andy Dean, but he also lies to his viewers about the existence of U.S.-based militant jihadist camps.

The hoopla began in what the mainstream establishment media (Fox News included) has now dubbed a “major news story,” when Trump opened the floor to audience questions during a town hall meeting on Thursday and a participant stated and asked:

We have a problem in this country: it’s called Muslims. We know our current president is one. You know, he’s not even an American.

We have training camps brewing where they want to kill us,” the gentleman continued. “That’s my question, when can we get rid of it?”

Although Trump ignored the first part of the question, he aptly replied to the latter:

We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things," Trump responded. "A lot of people are saying that, a lot of people are saying bad things are happening out there. We’re going to look at that and a lot of other things. ”

And justifiably so. As many as 35 militant jihadist training camps have been identified on American soil. Known as the "Muslims of Americas" or "Soldiers of Allah," they were founded and are run by the Pakistani Cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani Hashemi, the same cleric that the American journalist Daniel Pearl attempted to interview in Pakistan when he was kidnapped and then beheaded.

Although he denies his connection to it, Sheikh Gilani is also the founder of the terrorist group Jammeat al-Fuqura, which has been linked to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the shoe bomber Richard Reid, and to the convicted D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad. In the 1999 "Patterns of Global Terrorism Report," the U.S. State Department listed Jammeat al-Fuqura as a terrorist organization.

In the 1980s, under the guise of Muslims of Americas, Giliani established Ilsamberg in Hancock, New York, the first of the 34 other known jihadist training camps across 22 states in America . Heavily armed, the group trains in guerrilla-style warfare tactics and preys upon some of the most vulnerable sects of our population, recruiting many of its members from U.S. prisons and universities.

While the FBI is aware of these camps, the organization has yet to be designated a U.S. foreign terrorist group. As a result, their hands are tied, but Fox News would know. it has written and aired several reports about it (including here, here, and here).

(Watch up to the 3:50-minute mark, as Zhudi Jasser (a Fox News

contributor), describes these U.S.-based jihadist training camps.)

(Watch "Homegrown Jihad" for a more thorough, in-depth examination.)

Cooper later apologized on Twitter for attacking his guest Andy Dean but not for deceiving his viewers about U.S.-based jihadist camps.

Anderson Cooper Apology

Meanwhile, unlike Cooper, Kelly has yet to apologize for her egregious behavior on Friday night, nor for her unprofessional treatment of guests on her Thursday night show, when she doubled-down on The Donald and, in a Phil-Donahue-styled format on Thursday night, interrupted a panelist who raised the Obama-as-a-Muslim issue, stressing definitively "He's not a Muslim."

When the next guest on Kelly's panel brought up the topic too, she immediately shot him down, interjecting that Obama has said "repeatedly that he's a Christian, that he is not a Muslim," and that the issue was "put to bed"  during the 2008 presidential campaigns by "even John McCain."

Surely, if both Kelly and progressive-RINO Republican Representative and former presidential candidate McCain vouch for Obama, that's grounds enough to put the entire issue to rest.

The subsequent attacks on Trump for his response by so-called political media “analysts” and pundits implies that the mere mention of Jihadist camps is pejorative to and somehow a racist smear against peace-loving American Muslims. If that's not the pot calling the kettle black, nothing else is.

As to the second part of the question, which Trump has since addressed on his Twitter account, he is under no obligation to speak for Obama, no less to defend Obama’s religiosity.

Trump Twitter 1

Trump Twitter 2

Trump Twitter 3

Yet, Megyn Kelly, feigning outrage, set the record straight — Obama is a Christian since he said so. Period. End of story. This begs the question why she found the need to defend Obama herself? It's not exactly the kind of conduct expected from a self-proclaimed journalist.

The hypocrisy is stunning to those well-informed viewers who have been marginalized and attacked as racist "Islamophobes" merely for stating the facts and reiterating what Islamic doctrine says itself. For those intent to ignore its danger and who perceive Islam to be the "religion of peace," why the outrage then? So what if Obama is a Muslim? Since when did it become racist and anti-Muslim to identify someone as a Muslim? Is the mere utterance of the word offensive?

Megyn Kelly's biased "journalistic" conduct is reminiscent of CNN host Wolf Blitzer, who attacked former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann as "McCarthy-like" for requesting an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood ties of Huma Abedin, long-time aide to Hillary Clinton (see here and here) who (surprise, surprise) is currently under FBI investigation for her part in the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

According to Blitzer, however — as someone who knew her for years — Abedin is a nice person, which, as he seemed to suggest at the time, should have satisfied all other questions and exempt her from the same type of scrutiny applied to others privy to intelligence. In other words, all objective investigative journalism aside, our national security should hinge upon his personal subjective opinions instead of on objective investigative reports that are rooted in research and facts. Of course, as has gradually been revealed, Bachmann was right, and Blitzer, who (along with John McCain and others) portrayed the former as hysterical, was sorely mistaken.

Similarly, Fox News, propped up as a "fair and balanced" conservative media outlet, seems to be vying for a more liberal viewer demographic comprised mostly of moderate Democrats and low-informion Republicans and RINOS, which would skyrocket its ratings with a larger viewership. Simply put, it is counting on at least some of us to disregard the facts and take its word for its own spin on things at face value alone. Even more, it's pimping for the establishment and is once again, as many of us patriotic, educated voters noticed during last election, manipulating voter outcomes by its biased "spin," elevating some candidates (namely Carly Fioriana) to Republican presidential nomination status over others. This in itself should raise the red flag of suspicion, leaving us questioning why?

Like Trump or not, Carly Fiorina, for example, has a controversial record, but the spin starts here: little has been noted of her covert violations of U.S. sanctions against Iran as former CEO (see here and here), her collaboration with race-baiter Jesse Jackson, and her praise of Islam and the Ottoman Empire after 9/11, not to mention her abysmal record as Hewlett Packard’s CEO.

When all is said and done, one must surmise that the era of televised investigative journalism is dead and gone, and we here in the social media arena are in fact the new and legitimate source of accurate fair and balanced news. Fox News, catering and pandering to a more liberal, low-informed viewership, is primping for upstaging MSN, and a new era in televised media propaganda and reality TV entertainment that is posited as broadcasting news has arrived.

Also see "Megyn Kelly Is Wrong, Trump Is Right – Question About Obama’s Religion Should Have Been Asked In 2008" for an excellent piece on the subject.

New York Administrator


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